Lucy The Ladybug

Dedicated to my mom, who helped

with the making of this book

Today was a special day. It was Lucy’s birthday.

Lucy was a very friendly and kind little

ladybug who had lots of friends. Lucy liked

to draw and run around outside. She liked to

climb trees and play with dolls. She also liked

to read joke books. But her favorite thing to do

was to play with her friends. That’s what she was

going to do today. Today was going to be the

best day ever!

The day started out perfectly. When Lucy woke

up the sun was shining and all the flowers were

in bloom. She got up and went downstairs

for breakfast. There on the table was a heaping

stack of pancakes! Her mom had made them especially

for her birthday! After she had gobbled down

the last pancake, she decided to go for a walk. She

thought,”It’s such a wonderful day, I might as

well enjoy it!” Lucy kissed her mom good-bye

and off she went.

While walking she had an idea. She thought she

should go visit her friends so they could

enjoy the beautiful day together. It was

her birthday after all. She headed to her

friend Sally’s home first. Sally as a spider and

a very busy worker. She had 10 kids to look

after! When she was getting a little closer to

Sally’s house she heard a lot of commotion.

Wondering what it was she ran aver to where

the noise was coming from. She looked

around and then saw it. It was Sally running

out of her house with a broom in her hand!

Lucy got her attention and went over to talk

 to Sally. When Lucy asked what was wrong she

 said,”Those kids are nothing but trouble. I

asked them to wash the dishes, but they broke

 all the plates. Then Johnny got stuck in the chimney

 when he tried to climb up it! I’ve been so busy

 I haven’t had time to do anything!” Lucy asked Sally

 if she wanted to go for a walk since it was such a nice

 day, but Sally said she was too busy to do anything of

the sort. Sally said goodbye and left in a hurry.

After Sally had left, Lucy was really hurt. She had

wanted to go for a walk with Sally, but she was too

busy. Sally hadn’t even wished her a happy birthday.

She was upset but decided she wasn’t going to let

Sally ruin the beautiful day. So she took off to her

friend Cassandra’s house. Cassandra always had time

to play. They could play dress-up or have a puppet

show. Lucy knew that Cassandra would want to

go for a walk with her, or at least wish her a

happy birthday. Along the way she noticed the sky

was a little bit darker. “That’s alright,” she thought,

“A little shade is always nice.”

As Lucy got to Cassandra’s house the sky was

quite a bit darker, but she didn’t worry. She

knocked on the door and Cassandra answered.

Lucy asked if she wanted to go for a walk, but

Cassandra said, ”Go away, I’m too busy for a

walk. I’m getting ready for a party!” She

turned around and left. Now Lucy was really,

really upset! Both Cassandra and Sally were

too busy to go for a walk and neither had

wished her a happy birthday! The day was

getting even worse. What was a beautiful, sunny

day, was now an cloudy, miserable, windy day!

She was tempted to forget about going for

a walk or seeing her friends, but then thought

that if anyone could cheer her up it would

be Frank. Frank was a frog and always made

Lucy laugh. “Yes,” she thought,” that’s is

what I’ll do.” Then she headed off to Franks.

By the time Lucy got to Frank’s the wind was

howling, the clouds were black and you

could hear thunder in the distance. She was

a little frightened by the weather, but knew

Frank could cheer her up. She knocked on

the door, but there was no answer. She opened

the door, but no one was there. She walked

inside and saw Frank on the couch looking very

sad. She decided she didn’t want to trouble

Frank with her own problems since he was sad

enough already and left. As soon as she got

outside, she started running. Her perfect day

was ruined! All her friends were too busy to play

her and nobody had wished her a happy birthday!

This was the worst birthday ever!

She ran all the way home. She went straight

 up to her room and cried. She stayed in her

room the whole afternoon, when she heard the

doorbell ring. Her mom called to her and said,

”Honey? Someone is here to see you!” Lucy being

as curious as she was, went to see who it was.

She opened the door and.....SURPRISE!!! All her

friends were standing in the doorway holding presents

and a GIGANTIC cake! She invited them in. They

spent the rest of the afternoon there. They ate cake,

played pirates, and put on a puppet show. Then they

opened presents. Lucy got a doll from Sally, a dress

from Cassandra, and a joke book from Frank! Later

that evening when she was going to bed, she thought,

“This was the best day ever!”

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